Abdali CBD - A new downtown for Amman

A major urban regeneration project on a 30-Hectare former military camp site in the heart of Amman. Now a mixed-use development. AbuHamdan took charge of this project at its inception in 2001 and generated the first master plan in collaboration with HOK. The current master plan was realised jointly with Laceco to accommodate the strategic partners in 2004. Abu Hamdan was Chief Strategist for this development until realization of its first phase in 2010.

Queen Alia International Airport - Jordan

Awarded best airport in the Middle East and Third Worlwide in its category by ACI. The terminal's current handling capacity is 9 million passengers. The project was overviewed by Abu Hamdan since its inception and until its handover to a BOT developer consortium. Abu Hamdan worked closely on QAIA with Foster and Partners, the Netherlands Airport Corporation and the Ministry of Transport where he served on the Airport Project Steering Committee. Estimated cost $600 million.

The Living Wall - Jordan

Award wining project by Cityscape, the Living Wall is an iconic urban mixed use development in the heart of Amman. Built on a 3.5-acre site with a built up area of 1.4 million sq.ft. The Living Wall comprises a shopping centre, and 6 mini towers. Abu Hamdan initiated the project on which he worked closely with Foster and Partners and Buro Happold. Abu Hamdan also managed the DIP Fund, lead developer and land owner. Estimated Cost $ 150 million.

Cap Juby - Morocco

Creating a tourist destination in Cap Juby, south of Morocco. The project's 1st Phase (seen above) is on a 250 hectare beach front site on the Atlantic Ocean, a 2-hour boat ride from the Canary Islands. The project comprised resort hotels and a traditional commercial downtown around a marina. Estimated Cost $300 million. Abu Hamdan chaired the Board of Directors of the Project developer holding company Mawared International SA (Luxembourg).

Tradewinds Square – Kuala Lumpur

A conceptual proposal for a two-tower mixed use complex in the heart of Kuala Lumpur based on providing 3.5 million sq.ft of commercial, residential, cultural and hospitality components. This iconic project under the theme 'mother and child' is more about offering Kuala Lumpur a new lifestyle anchor. It is refreshing and heroic; a much needed signature project both for the city and for the proprietor/ developer Tradewinds Corporation Bhd. The concept design was prepared in collaboration with architects Kais Al Rawi and Julia Koerner.

Valley of Opportunity - Masterplan for the Jordan Valley

The Jordan Valley (380km long) is a continuation of the East African Rift Valley. The Urban Workshop, chaired by Architect Akram Abu Hamdan worked closely with Fosters & Partners on producing a sustainable development master plan focusing on the corridor of the land that extends northwards from Aqaba through the valley to the River Yarmouk and the Syrian border. The masterplan proposes a number of catalytic anchor-projects that form a chain designed to attenuate growth and connect communities.